WigExtensionSale.com has plugged in powerful Product filters and Search app.

Published by WigExtensionSale.com on 10th Jan 2021

WigExtensionSale.com has announced that they enhanced their online store by using product filter on category, brand, price and search pages. Also using their quick search will help customers find exactly what they're looking for, quickly and easily.

Faceted search increases efficient shopping experience

Our faceted filter allows customers to find the products they desire and ultimately purchase those products from your site increasing your conversion rate

Layered Navigation Increases user experience

Customers can become disheartened when they cant find what they have come to your site for. Our filter allows them to find exactly what they want thus increasing customer satisfaction

Shop by Category, Brands, Hair Type, Length, Price, Reviews !

Use most efficient filters like hair type, hair length and price to find your best wigs and hair weaves.

Quick Search

Enable your users to through search products, pages, categories and brands through your default search bar on your store.